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3 Myths Concerning Weight Training & Weight-loss

Myth 1: Weight-loss comes easier to extremely overweight people. 

I hear this argument all the time, but the reality is weight-loss occurs at different rates for everyone.  You can take 2 extremely over-weight males who are the same age, same weight, and follow the same fitness program and they will experience different weight-loss results.  One man may lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks by cleaning up his diet and working out, but the other man may lose only 8 pounds following the same plan.

Many may think that the man who lost more weight had to have given more effort, but the more likely factor is these men’s metabolic and hormonal functionality are different.  It is my experience that given the same time period the person with the best functioning metabolism will lose more weight rather than the biggest person.

Myth 2: Women should not lift heavy weights because it will make them bulky.

It is my belief that women and men should lift the heaviest amount of weight that their muscles and joints can handle for muscle growth.  At Pinnacle Fitness Bootcamp we encourage our female campers to start with 8-pound weights, for the majority of their exercises.  It’s always interesting to see the females who think that 8-pounds are too heavy.  This primarily is because many of them were accustomed to doing aerobics classes and continuously moving with the smaller weights throughout the class.

The type of weight training that we use is considered anaerobic exercise.  We use anaerobic exercise because our purpose is to build, strengthen, and tone the muscles of our clientele.  In order to do this there has to be a progression in muscle gain through the use of heavier weights.  To create the tone, lean look it is necessary to build your muscles as you burn off the fat.  Women should not worry about bulking up too much because they do not carry the amount of testosterone that a man has.

Myth 3: Muscle weighs more than fat.

The truth is 1 pound of muscle and 1 pound of fat are both 1 pound respectively. However, muscle is denser than fat, which does make muscle heavier per square inch.  This means that 5lbs of fat will cover way more surface area than 5 pounds of muscle.

How does this pertain to fitness?  Well, one of the 1st actions that we perform with all of our clients is a body composition analysis.  This helps us to understand the ratio of lean body tissue to body fat mass.  A lady that is 5’5”, 145 pounds and 18% body fat will look like a fitness model because she will have very noticeable muscle definition.  On the other hand a lady that is 5’5”, 145 pounds and 31% body fat will look out of shape and possibly frumpy.  This is because the lady with 31% body fat has less muscle tone.

Sometimes when giving recommendations for body fat and weight goals I will tell the client that I’m not as concerned with their weight, but I want to change their body composition.  This means their weight for their height is fine, but I would like to change the ratio of lean body tissue to fat mass.

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