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4 Healthy Habits for a Healthy New Year

By David 0

If your New Year’s resolutions are starting to fade, it’s best get on track by adopting a simple principle driven wellness ideology for your lifestyle. With this in mind, I have developed 4 Healthy Habits for a Healthy New Year to provide you with a foundation to have the best year of your life.


Eat to Stay Lean


When planning a diet for weight loss or physique maintenance we often focus too closely on caloric content and not enough on caloric quality. While it is important to be in caloric deficit to burn fat, being in a state of starvation will actually lead to fat gain and potentially even muscle wasting so this is highly counterproductive.


Dietary Action Steps to Staying Lean


  • Eat your fats! Healthy fats like avocado, olives, coconut, grass-fed butter, fatty fish and their oils help you feel full after meals by activating your satiety hormone leptin. Additionally, they will help regulate sex hormones and control inflammation in the body which will further support weight loss.
  • Avoid processed carbs and sugars at all costs. There are several reasons why these should not be in our diets. Foods made with processed grains and sugars cause massive insulin spikes that throw off our hormone balance and contribute to inflammation which further contributes to weight gain.
  • Determine your metabolic type. Some people thrive on different types of foods and having this assessment done can help you determine yours.


Use Time Blocking


We all know those people who always have a lot to do and not enough time. Although in some cases it is true that you may simply have too much on your plate, the more common issue I see today is that we don’t know how to manage our time well. Instead of going about your day blindly with a jumbled list of objectives, take a more intentional approach and list out your top priorities for the day. Set aside time blocks and focus on ONE AT A TIME. You’ll find that you get much more accomplished and your brain will likely feel more at ease.


Time Blocking Pro Tips


  • Don’t Overdo It: Pick 3-5 TOP PRIORITIES for the day and devote 1-2 hours of uninterrupted time to each.
  • Expect Interruptions: Some of the most successful people attribute their success to anticipating that things will not go perfectly, and they plan to account for this.

Commit to a Fitness Routine:


Just like brushing your teeth or bathing, staying in shape takes daily effort. Now this doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself in the gym every day but you must get moving daily whether it’s a heavy weight session, a recreational sport, or simply a walk with a friend. A mixture of activities is important and remember to have fun!


Benefits of Daily Exercise:

  • Increased energy levels and boosted happiness levels
  • Lower risk of disease
  • Better Sleep
  • Higher Productivity
  • …and the compounding benefits that these will have on all other areas of your life!


Work on Self Development


One of the most highly noted characteristics of successful people is that they love learning about how to be better versions of themselves.


Simple Self Development Exercise


Take some time to sit down (use a time block!) and envision the grandest vision of yourself. Write down 3 distinct characteristics that this version of yourself would have. Next, think of one action step that is immediately applicable that will help you get closer to BEING THAT PERSON. If you practice this once a week or even once a month you will begin to see your life moving forward with momentum.

author: David


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