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4 Keys to P.A.S.S. Your Plateau: David Nash,

Positive Attitude:

The number one hindrance in reaching your goals this year will be your attitude.  We’ve all heard the cliché’, “your attitude determines your altitude.” This statement rings true in so many areas of life. What we think about is what we become. In other words; success starts in the mind.  It is important to get rid of negative thoughts about working out.  Understand that the 1st few weeks will be challenging, however once you create a mental routine your body will follow.  Your health depends on you exercising regularly, so think positive about healthy practices and educate yourself with beneficial health knowledge.


Aggressive Fat-loss Mentality:

Once you find a place where you can call your fitness home get aggressive about your routine.  I define aggression as: passion meeting purpose.  It’s great to have exercise goals set for the New Year, but you have to move on those goals.   Slow starts usually end up in slow results and is the cause of fitness failure for many people.  You want to really put forth a good effort and passionate pursuit in to attaining your goals.  If you’re looking to push pass your current level of fitness become aggressive about eliminating your fat and changing your health status.


Support Group:

Getting in shape can offer a challenge that is hard to handle on your own.  What’s great is you do not have to address fat-loss by yourself.  I suggest finding a companion who will provide you with accountability and support. If you know that you will have to regularly check in with someone, you will be more apt to stick to your goals. What’s great about Pinnacle Fitness Bootcamp is we have many people who have similar fitness objectives, so if you do not have an accountability partner you might find one in class.

The best part about a supportive companion is they will push you pass your hang ups and help you do what you set out to accomplish in the beginning.



If there is one thing that has the greatest ability to regulate and benefit your health it’s sleep. Without adequate sleep you will not have the energy you will need to perform your daily task and weekly workouts.  Sleep keeps your immune system high and active.  Another major benefit concerning sleep is it regulates your hormonal cycle called the circadian rhythm.


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