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5 Tips for Success from Pinnacle Fitness Center in Smyrna

Even with the right intentions in mind, achieving success isn’t an easy feat. Pinnacle Fitness Center in Smyrna is home to many success stories, but what goes into these success stories?

Secrets to Triumph

You’re capable of getting to the next level, but maybe you’re just a few steps away. Yes, hard work will come into play, but what’re those other factors we sometimes miss?

1. Set your goals. Don’t work out simply to work out; know your endgame. If you want to build up your endurance, focus on cardio exercises; if you want to build up muscle, go about it with some strength training. Now that you know where you want to mainly focus, set incremental goals for yourself. “Losing 80 pounds in one month” isn’t a realistic goal; make your goals healthy and feasible—yet motivating.

2. Quantity, not quality. This is in reference to diet only. Get on a nutrition system that is most appropriate for your metabolism rate. The most important rule: Don’t eat exaggerated portions. Restaurants typically serve too much food, and eating it all in one sitting is very harmful to your diet and body, developing habits that are difficult to reverse. Yes, try to eat only healthful foods, but the main thing to remember is to eat appropriate portions. Additionally, consider increasing your protein intake.

3. Build a routine. As humans, we are creatures of habit. Think of all the small quirks we do throughout the day and how they’re intuitive at this point. A lot of us put aside time to regularly check our smartphones and watch TV; it’s become such a routine in our daily lives that our days feel off when we don’t spend hours watching TV. Exercise—if done on a regular basis—won’t be something we moan and groan over once it’s routine; at that point, exercising would simply be a part of our daily lives. Have a regular schedule for your workouts so that it’ll be the norm for your day-to-day routine.

4. Dress appropriately. Just like in any other field, you have to dress for success in fitness. Dress comfortably and for your best physical flexibility. Working out in khakis, jeans, or a blouse will probably restrict what you’re able to do. If you’re uncomfortable, you might want to cut your workout short; therefore, dress for success.

5. Grow. We talked about goals at the beginning, and we know you’ll work to reach them; go beyond them. Once you’ve reached a goal, set a new one. Don’t stay stagnant in your workouts. If you’re currently running a 14-minute mile, but you shed it down to 13, go for 12 minutes next; don’t stay at 13. Always look for ways to improve, and you’ll go beyond what you ever imagined you’d be able to achieve.

Your Success is on the Horizon

Achieving success seems insurmountable, but you don’t have to go through this process alone. Pinnacle Fitness Center in Smyrna and Decatur has a welcoming and inspiring community with personal trainers and personnel who have the know-how and experience to help you be a success story.

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author: Bonnie Mauldin


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