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Any Fitness Level can THRIVE at Pinnacle Fitness Center- Smyrna!

At Pinnacle Fitness Center-Smyrna, we are not your typical community park boot camp. We are Smyrna’s top rated functional training studio focused on strength training, HIIT, endurance training and weight loss. We believe in hiring high level personal trainers that are committed to safely instructing our fitness class that are challenging and will put you on a track to achieve your fitness goals.

One of the concerns we encounter with people who haven’t participated in our Strength or HIIT Studio Level classes is whether they will be able to keep up with pace or intensity of the other clients. At Pinnacle Fitness Center-Smyrna, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any fitness level. You are only competing against one person – YOU. The goal is to be better than your old self. There is no pressure to look or compete like the next person. Everyone, whether they have been training for 5 years or they are new to training, is trying to reach THEIR next fitness level.

Our group fitness classes are designed to allow for modifications. Often times, a client may not be able to perform certain exercises due to physical limitations. During consultations, our trainers identify problem areas and are prepared before you hit the training floor. We are able to safely modify the movement to allow the client to continue towards their goals. In some instances, we may need to omit the exercise completely and that is okay. The goal is not always to perform a specific move, it is to work that specific muscle group in a HIIT or Strength capacity.

Whether you are in the retirement community or a not so active young adult, we are prepared for you at Pinnacle Fitness Center. If you’re looking for an affordable fitness class in Smyrna, come try a FREE class this week and experience your next fitness level!

author: Rae Stampley


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