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Carrie K – Lost 26 lbs in 6 weeks.

When I entered the Decatur Biggest Loser competition in February, I had been slowly putting on weight and becoming increasingly sedentary for about five years, and especially over the last year.  As work and school had become more and more demanding and stressful, I had become really complacent about taking care of my body, and really careless in my eating (and drinking) habits.  I used to rely on exercise as my primary tool for stress-relief, but my fitness level had decreased to the point that I no longer wanted to put on my running shoes when I was feeling overwhelmed – instead, I was making extra trips to the fridge!  I knew I needed to make a change to my lifestyle because I was heading toward becoming obese and my energy levels were at an all-time low.  Lucky for me, my partner Chris Goodson saw the announcement for the Decatur’s Biggest Loser competition at Pinnacle Fitness, and we both decided to give it a try.

During the competition, I used the free food diary function on the “My Fitness Pal” website to keep track of what I was eating, and to try to keep my calories around 1200 per day by following the suggestions from David Nash’s Food Guide.  I started cooking my own meals and packing a lunch whenever I could, so that I would resist the temptation to eat unhealthy take-out and high-carb foods.  I also tried to cut back on sugar by just having a square or two of dark chocolate when I had cravings, and I reduced calories from beverages by limiting my alcohol intake.  I’m usually not an extremely competitive person, but I was lucky enough to be participating in the challenge alongside Chris, who IS extremely competitive – seeing him working so hard and achieving such great success kept me motivated to stick to healthy eating habits and to exercise.

As far as exercise, the competition motivated me to get back into running, and I played Ultimate Frisbee on the weekends.  The thing that really changed how I felt was adding in strength training and bootcamp workouts at Pinnacle Fitness Center.  Even though I was only able to attend two classes per week during the challenge, I could instantly feel the benefits those classes had on my fitness level.  The variety of exercises, positive group atmosphere, and some encouragement from David really made those classes fun and rewarding, and I feel stronger and have way more energy than I did when I started the competition.  I’m really looking forward to continuing to work toward my weight loss goals by sticking with these classes at Pinnacle.

Thank you so much David and Pinnacle Fitness Center for getting me back on track toward a healthy lifestyle! This program has really helped Chris and I develop healthy habits.

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