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Chris G – I lost 54 lbs in 6 weeks.

As a skinny kid growing up in Decatur and playing a lot of sports, I never thought I would have to work very hard to stay fit, but almost mid-way through my 30s, I was out of shape and the habits I had formed, in retrospect, were alarming.  It had become routine to wake up early, work a full day at a desk, drive home, plop myself onto the couch, watch TV and mess around on the computer until late night, eat three unhealthy meals, sleep 6 six or less hours, then rise and repeat.  I was consuming 3500-4000+ calories a day but still lacked the energy to exercise.  And while it was temporarily enjoyable to eat and drink without restrictions, I really didn’t like the way I felt or the way I looked in pictures.

My wife and co-2015 Decatur’s Biggest Loser winner, Carrie, and I tried a couple of classes at Pinnacle Fitness back in December through a Groupon and really enjoyed them.  After hibernating through our New Year’s resolutions, we finally checked back in just in time to learn about the Decatur’s Biggest Loser weight-loss competition.  In preparation for the competition, I concentrated on learning how to eat better and started tracking my caloric intake and expenditures in the free My Fitness Pal app on my phone, focusing on replacing empty calories with those rich in nutrients.  My wife and I created some delicious meals that met our new diet and using David’s tips, and started a habit of preparing lunches for the week on Sundays to help us not feel the need to cheat later in the week as our energy and time seemed to diminish.  In addition, hearing about Decatur’s Biggest Loser encouraged my co-workers to have our own weight-loss competition and their participation and support helped keep me motivated and accountable during the stressful part of my day that otherwise could have provided temptation to cheat myself.  It took some getting used to but with a renewed active lifestyle, I started craving healthier foods and really noticed the difference in my beltline and the energy it gave me.

With a healthier diet in place, I took the first of many steps towards regaining some long forgotten exercise habits.  Starting up regular workouts honestly did not sound all that appealing to me but I am a competitive person and the additional motivation to help lose the extra weight was definitely helpful in committing to a new routine.  The first few classes were extremely tough as I realized just how out of shape I had become, but David Nash is a great trainer and guided me through them.  What I didn’t expect was how friendly and supportive all of the other gym members were!  I got myself into a 4-5 Pinnacle workouts per week routine, pushed myself and started to really look forward to seeing all the regulars each day who continued to encourage me the whole way.  From the gym, I headed home ~ 2 miles on foot, ate a healthy dinner, and started getting more sleep (~8/night).  With Decatur’s Biggest Loser as motivation, David as a guide, and support to keep me accountable at home, in the gym and at work, I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better exercise situation to help facilitate my weight-loss.

My BIGGEST thanks to my extremely supportive wife, Pinnacle Fitness Center, Decatur’s Biggest Loser competition and all its sponsors who help make it possible, my fellow gym-goers, co-workers, friends and everyone who said something nice along the way that kept me motivated and accountable on my way to becoming the loser I am today!

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