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Daniel L

A couple months ago, my wife and I were looking to do something active together.  She had tried many times to get me to workout with her at the gym but it wasn’t my thing.  I didn’t enjoy it.  It was boring.


In the past, I got my exercise from playing sports but that has slowed down and wasn’t enough.  Plain and simple, I was out of shape! She finally got me to try Pinnacle Fitness with her.  Through Pinnacle, we decided to enter the Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Challenge contest, set weight loss goals and challenge ourselves.


There were three things I focused on:  Getting to two Pinnacle Bootcamps a week, running, and eating well.  Having never dieted, eating well was definitely the hardest.  It was a lifestyle change I wasn’t accustomed to.  My wife definitely encouraged me through some times when I just wanted to eat some of my favorite things like wings and spaghetti.  She helped me get over that hump and appreciate foods I wouldn’t normally eat like brussel sprouts & spaghetti squash.  Who knew spaghetti squash was delicious?


Coupled with eating and running, the bootcamps were crucial and over time became more forgiving on my body.  Don’t get me wrong – I leave those bootcamps super winded and in most cases flat out exhausted.  The forgiveness on my body is a testament to building mind and body muscle.  I knew I was getting in shape and the scale showed decreases in my weight.


It’s been a great lifestyle change.  I continue to eat well, attend two bootcamps a week, run and play sports like golf and wiffle ball to achieve my ultimate goal of 185 lbs.  After I hit that goal, a new goal will be set.  Dare I say 175 lbs?


It’s a lifestyle I appreciate.  I don’t get heart burn as much as I used to, my stamina has increased, and I feel healthier overall.  The Biggest Loser Challenge helped kick off this change.  My wife and I continue to workout together to get those beach bodies ready for Aruba at the end of April!

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