Darius C. – No more blood pressure pills & I lost 34 lbs

Hello I am Dr. Darius Cooper, and I started my fitness journey through Kung Fu at the age of 12 and continued that training until my early 30’s earning instructor rank, in a rare form of the Chinese’s style.

I was not consistent in my training and had completely stop around the age of 38 resulting in a weight increase over the next 4-5 years from 160s to as high as 202.  I developed high blood pressure and was placed on one pill and later 2 pills.

After trying various detox regimens and other weight loss programs I started training at Pinnacle Fitness Center in February of 2013.  Pinnacle helped me quickly slim down which lead me back to my martial arts training.  I later found out that my weight gain was not all fat, other problems were related to quick weight loss/detox programs, causing problems in my stomach.

Here is what my timeline looks like with David: February 2013 started with David weighing 202, by April 2013 I was weighing 186, July 2013 I weighed 180 and by September I was 178!

Due to my work I was requested to work on the West Coast and by November 2013, I was back to 186. I attempted Cross-Fit Training however that did not work, and I tried the Vegan program and that did not work.

By May of 2014 I was back with David weighing 180 and by August 2014 I was down to 170!September I went back to the West Coast, started the Paleo/Cave Man’s program and with David recommendations of protein intake consistent interval  training I have maintained my weight of 168 since December 2014.

I so far I have lost a total of 34 lbs. and I feel stronger than ever.  I am no longer taking any medications and martial arts training has been enhanced by the fitness training at Pinnacle Fitness Center. I am one step from earning another Black level rank in the martial arts.  I am grateful to David, and our bootcamp family members for their support.


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