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Eddie C. , I Lost 45 lbs at Pinnacle Fitness Center

I learned about Pinnacle Fitness Center through my friends Michael and Heather Schardan. They let me know that Pinnacle Fitness Center had a promotion for new members and I decided to try it out. When I 1st started it was rough, but now I am really gaining ground on my fitness goals.

In October, we all decided to join Pinnacle’s Drop 10 Challenge, and boy I am glad that I joined. I dropped 11 pounds in the drop 10 challenge which brings me to a total of 30 pounds since I started in June.  I have dropped 2 pant sizes and I am in dire need of some belts or maybe I can start rocking suspenders.

How did I do it?  Well my fitness journey kicked off by attending classes at Pinnacle twice a week, and then I started adding additional exercise days here and there.  Before I knew it I was doing something every day. If I was not at Pinnacle I would ride my bike or hit the gym.  My main focus was to make fitness training a part of my life.

As for eating, I slowly started changing my eating habits, not a diet per say just making better choices.  I stopped eating processed foods, which to my surprise was the bulk of my meals.  I started planning out my meals and actually thinking ahead.  The best tip that seemed to work for me was “use smaller plates”….  That totally works.

Next was the Decatur Biggest loser Challenge, I was eager to join up.  I had managed to keep the weight off through holidays, no small feet I assure you but I had not lost any additional weight, I was time to fire it up.  Week-1 I started strong, I went to pinnacle 2 to 3 times a week.  The changes I made to my eating habits were now routine I kept doing what I was doing.

Week 2 I was in the grove adding in a gym visit on off days to supplement, I was feeling good feeling strong before week 3.   I hurt my shoulder doing some Yates rows and I was in pain, and after a week it became obvious to me that going to have to miss class.  This is when I heard David’s voice in my head “ARE YOU GONNA QUIT?   “NEVER” I said to myself!!!  I started running and walking and keeping myself active.  Week 5 and 6 were spent like that, I honestly wasn’t trying to win, I was just trying to keep moving.

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