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Elizabeth H.

I signed on for this contest to help me cement some personal health goals for myself. While I didn’t come to the final weigh-in, I DID accomplish all the goals I had for myself during this period.  My goals were to incorporate fun physical activity into my life 6 days/week, and I did just that!  Since January, I’ve been participating in kickboxing, jazzercise, and taking long hikes (6-10 miles)–every week.  Formerly, my fitness was more solitary (jogging), and only occurred 3-4x/week.  I also committed to a Paleo-based diet, after completing a Whole 30 in January.  I’ve continued with this dietary regime, and love it (hate the planning and prep, but oh well!).  The scale does some powerfully negative things to my head, so I’ve opted to go by how I feel, how my clothes fit, and what physical activities I’m able to do.  I feel great and feel super strong!
Your competition helped me further cement some good health habits.  I’m currently working towards a 100 mile backcountry hiking trip with my oldest son this summer, as well as training for a November marathon (have only done half-marathons thus far).  I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ and let you know your competition has had an impact on me!
Elizabeth Hanna
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