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Why the Henson Family Chose Pinnacle Fitness Center

When our son was around 5 months old, my husband and I decided it was time to get back into shape and lose that pregnancy/baby weight that we BOTH gained. We had tried gym memberships in the past but lacked the motivation to “train ourselves” using the various cardio and weight machines that typical gyms offer. We needed an engaging exercise program led by a knowledgeable instructor that we could work into our busy schedules. But most importantly, we needed a family friendly option that offered safe, affordable daycare for our new little bundle. Pinnacle Fitness Center addressed all of our needs.

We researched several bootcamp options in our area and found that none of them had the flexible class times and daycare that we desperately needed. Initially, I was nervous about attending a class where my husband and I would be expected to do the same program. But I quickly learned that David’s workout program was challenging for anyone, of any age, and of all fitness levels. He offers several ways to boost your workout if you’re more advanced or scale back a bit if you’re new to the program or have other limitations. And he does a great job of pushing you to take your workout to the next level.

Jacque’s Story

When I started the program, I was five months postpartum and still recovering from a C-section. I felt like I would never get close to the body I had before pregnancy. I found that not only could I get that body back, but I could tone and strengthen my muscles to create an even better body! It’s hard as a new mom, working full-time, and commuting to fit in any sort of regular exercise, and it’s especially hard for me because I suffer from a lack of motivation. But David’s workout program is never the same, which makes it fun and keeps me coming back for more.

Brett’s Story

Even though I wasn’t the one who was pregnant, I ended up gaining more weight than I care to admit. I was looking for a way to shed the pounds and also increase my muscle strength and tone. I have to be at my job by 6 a.m. most days so, needless to say, the typical bootcamp programs were not an option for me. I lost 12 pounds and 8 percent body fat in 8 weeks. Pinnacle Fitness is a great fit for our family because we can work out together, in the evenings, and bring our son with us rather than swapping workout times or trying to coordinate a babysitter throughout the week.

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