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Top Rated Female Personal Trainer, Smyrna GA

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Want to get in shape, but need a little motivation and accountability?

Pinnacle Fitness Center’s Paige Breese has what it takes to take your fitness to the next level. Paige is one of Metro Atlanta’s top rated female personal trainers. Paige trains at the Pinnacle Fitness Center Smyrna Facility and has extensive knowledge in corrective exercise training and body transformations

Paige has experience with training women who are battling weight loss issues and want to make a change. As a female personal trainer Paige, understands the struggles and challenges women go through and can recommend a specific fitness solution to your situation.

Want to lose weight, tone up and get healthier? Great!

Paige has a weight loss program to further your weight loss journey. She can tailor a program to your fitness and nutrition goals whether you are beginner or want to shed those final 15 pounds.

Recovering from a knee surgery or diastasis recti? Not a problem.

Every Pinnacle Fitness Center certified personal trainer is qualified in creating personalized programming from your ongoing fitness assessments. Paige has worked with special populations and is a pro at personalizing each session to achieve a favorable outcome.

Ready to get started? Great claim your personal training slot right away.



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