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Fit Focus 2012: David Nash, Personal Trainer, Decatur GA

Entering into a New Year brings the joy of a fresh start.  With this new start comes a new focus on life.  As I was thinking about the word focus, I recalled the old acronym: follow one course until successful. I really like this phrase because it embodies the word focus very well, but I feel there is a deeper level we must explore as we begin 2012. To really get a grip on your goals this year, I suggest you use the F.O.C.U.S. principles of Foundation, Organization, Commitment, Unwavering Determination, and Specific Objectives.

Foundation:  Having a solid foundation is a universal principle throughout all areas of life. A weak foundation will only lead to a weak structure. The foundation of health starts with knowledge.  If you have the correct knowledge you can achieve your health goals faster, safer and with maximum benefit.

It is imperative to make your health decisions with sound judgment instead of emotion.  Emotional decisions can wreck your foundation of health.  You may eat low quality food because of a stressful day or, you may decide to skip your workout because your friend has stopped going with you. Making educated decisions concerning your health will help you set a solid foundation and retain the focus you need in the long run.

Organization:  If there is one thing that we all need more of it is organization.  A phrase that I use often when I’m referring to organization is “Get your house in order.”  You should understand that this phrase means more than sweeping your kitchen. In terms of health, getting your house in order means that you must foster an environment that encourages positive consideration for your physical, mental and spiritual life.  Organizing your time and tasks will give you a clearer picture of where you currently stand and ensure that you are prepared to handle future health challenges.

Commitment:  Commitment is essential for obtaining focus in any health and fitness program.  In a previous article entitled, “The Five Laws of Fitness” I stated that, “commitment is the mortar to your program.”  That’s right folks commitment holds your “Fitness Program” together.  A partial commitment will lead to a weak structure. In other words, just showing up won’t give you much.

Can you really say you are focused if you have a partial commitment?  We know the answer to that question. NO!  There is no way you can stay focused on a goal unless you give a full commitment. A fitness program does not start at the gym it starts with the choices you make every morning you wake up.

Unwavering Determination:  We have all known people who are committed to a particular program, but are not effective in that program because they are too busy concentrating on something other than what they should be focusing on. Unwavering determination means that you have the commitment or resolve for your task, but also have the tunnel vision to complete the task.  Blocking hindering factors is the only way you can say you are truly focused on your health.

Specific Objectives:  Specific objectives are narrow in emphasis.  In other words, if your goal is to become healthy you must be precise in your short-term goal markers.  Saying that you need to lose 20lbs is too general of an objective and should not be used alone as a fitness assessment.  It’s a fact that a person’s body weight can fluctuate between 1-4lbs on any given day.  A more specific goal would encompass setting goal markers to measure your body weight, body fat and blood pressure each month to determine your level of health. From this specific objective you can make timely goal markers to achieve your desired amount of pounds you wish to shed.

Follow these F.O.C.U.S. principles on a daily basis to ensure the best chance of having a healthier and happier life in 2012.

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