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HIIT 50 uses various timed interval sets to ignite your metabolism and keep you moving. Each class is filled with dynamic intverval sets, fun exercises and upbeat music. You will leave each class feeling motivated and challenged and want to return for more.

Strength 50

Gain Strength Safely >>>

Strength 50

Strength 50 uses circuit style training to help you strengthen and shape your muscles. We create a progressive strength approach allowing you to quickly gain strength while still maintaining safety. Improve your strength, definition and balance with Strength 50.

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For over 15 years one thing has remained the same. We get results quickly!

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We have 2 ways that you can begin classes at Pinnacle Fitness Center. 

1. You can simply select from one of the class times listed above and register for a 5-Day Trial.

2. (Recommended) You can contact us for a 30 minute complimentary tour and discovery session.  

During your discovery session we’ll take you on a tour of our facility and help you strategize the best plan of action for your fitness Journey.  

You’ll also receive a FREE body composition analysis, and details about our program and features.

From there, we’ll give you a number of recommendations to fit you budget and fitness goals. 

You will leave the discovery session with more confidence and clarity about the future. 

  1. Entire Facility will be sprayed with disinfectant daily
  2. Facility will be checked for cleanliness and given the necessary upkeep daily. 
  3. All door handles, fitness equipment and other high traffic areas will be wiped down with disinfectant daily. 

Teens 14 and older can workout in our group classes or in a private session with a signed liability waiver by guardian. 

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