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Get Disciplined and Get Healthy! Stay on track with a busy schedule

During this time of year travel becomes prevalent and fitness goals seem to fall by the wayside.  Some people jump right into their fitness routine after vacationing, but others get sucked into “the rut” of a busy lifestyle. When this happens most people convince themselves that living healthy is not possible because their schedule won’t allow it.  When talking to these individuals further about their situation, we usually find it’s not the schedule holding them from being healthy, it’s their habits.

Recently, I was fortunate to go on a “Men’s Journey” with 52 men from my church. The purpose of our journey was to challenge us to accomplish goals as a team by using the physical and mental strengths of one another.  At one point during the journey there were a group of young men who started to get confortable, which caused the group to lose focus. The instructor Jim Crumbley who is a retired Marine, addressed the group about the lack of discipline. He said that without discipline we would not accomplish much.  These words struck us to the core.  He was right! Without discipline in life we may start a goal, but it’s unlikely that we stick to that goal, and even more unlikely that we would finish the goal.

Mr. Crumbley said, “Gentlemen, I want you to repeat after me.  Discipline: Doing the right thing, the right way, every time.  Discipline: Doing the right thing, the right way, every time.”  We must have said this phrase 20 times, and it’s good that we did because it’s now ingrained in us. Discipline is the glue to achieving your goals.

You can have the greatest health plan lined up for your life, but without discipline you will not accomplish your plan.  We know that there are proper ways of eating, exercising, and taking care of our bodies, but many times we chose to be comfortable just as the group was on the journey.

If you truly want to change your health you must map out a realistic plan and stick to your plan. Once you map out your plan put the necessary parameters in place that will help you reach goal markers. I have provided some tips below that will assist you in your quest of living a disciplined fitness lifestyle.

Choose a grocery day: Pick a day or two each week to do the majority of your grocery shopping. This will ensure that you buy the food you need for the week. Most people buy food when they run out. I suggest that you stick to a schedule and preplan your week ahead of time.  This will save you from running to grab that Subway sandwich at lunch.

 Prep for your exercise: We all know if you plan to exercise you’re going to need the proper clothing; it’s the other factors that usually hold you back.  Make sure you get to bed on time and have gas in the car if you are exercising in the morning.  Most people don’t have much time to exercise so plan out what you are going to do before you go to the gym or find an exercise program that works with your schedule.  Most of all, prepare your mind to exercise. Fat-loss starts in the mind.

Have accountability:  It is imperative that you have someone to help you stay focused on your goals. Some people have workout partners, which is good if you can be unbiased with each other and motivate one another to reach new fitness levels.  From my experience most people need guided coaching from a fitness instructor.  A fitness instructor can educate you on using proper form, track your goals, and give you the unbiased reality of where you stand in your fitness level.

Apply these steps today and you will be on your way to having a healthier more disciplined life.

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author: davidnash


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