Jen K. – I lost 20 lbs at Pinnacle Fitness Center

For years, my mantra was that I worked out only to offset my bad lack of good food or drink choices. After turning 40, I continued my workouts and even increased the intensity but started to slowly but steadily gain weight. This past winter, I hit my all-time maximum weight. I was discouraged and frustrated. In February, my friend and workout partner encouraged me to sign up for Decatur’s Biggest Loser. Without a plan or preparation, I joined a group of Pinnacle Fitness members and others from Decatur in weight loss challenge. With encouragement, advice and support from David and others, I not only participated but have made great strides.  By making healthy food choices and regular workouts, I started to see early results that kept me motivated.  Three months later, with the support from my workout partners and David, I hit my initial goal with a 20lb weight loss!

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