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Lori Umberg

I joined the 2014 Decatur Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Challenge for the same reasons as many of the other participants:
– The money was going to benefit the Decatur Education Foundation.
– I needed a push to commit to losing weight for my physical and mental health.
– The program check-in was right down the street.
– There were no obligations other than to lose weight.

I was frustrated at first because I was trying to use mostly exercise to reduce weight. When I turned to a weight-loss program that focused strictly on healthily modifying eating habits, the weight started dropping off. Now I’m working exercise back in to my program and don’t have the extra pounds to drag around with me!

It is a great feeling to put on my jeans and have them be comfortable..and all the other clothes I had abandoned.

Great motivation – I recommend the Decatur Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Challenge to anyone who just needs an extra push.

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