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Natasha Lost 50 Pounds With the Pinnacle Nutrition System!


We know managing your weight can be a challenge and that is why we've taken out the guest work!

Sari L.

Lost 16 lbs

Kathy C.

Lost 60 lbs

Jay J.

Lost 41 lbs

Jamie F.

Lost 22 lbs

Customized Nutrition


At Pinnacle Fitness Center we offer an advanced customized nutritional program called the Pinnacle Nutrition System.  In this program, we bring the joy back to healthy eating.  The Pinnacle Nutrition System eliminates confusion associated with making proper meal selections and assists in building a health centered lifestyle. In time you can expect to become leaner, healthier and reach your optimal fitness potential.

The Pinnacle Nutrition System is for you IF...

  • You’ve been struggling with weight loss and feel you need guidance in attaining your goals
  • You complain about your weight, sleep patterns and energy levels.
  • You hit a plateau in your weight loss journey
  • You need a personalized step-by-step plan that is easy to follow and will give you timely results
  • You are fed up with being overweight and fatigued

Our certified nutrition staff can help....

  • Identify the issues you’re currently experiencing with metabolism and energy levels
  • Create nutritional program that will support your energy expenditure on resistance and non resistance days.
  • Recommend a plan of action to assist you in burning fat and building lean muscle

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The Pinnacle Nutrition System created by certified nutritionist and bodybuilder David Nash is a premier metabolism-changing program with years of success. The Pinnacle Nutrition System offers guidance and direction on food consumption, portion sizes, and best practices to boost the metabolism for healthy fat loss. David Nash has extensive knowledge in the nutrition field as a Metabolic Typing Advisor and Precision Nutrition Coach. David Nash is not a licensed dietitian nor are services licensed by the State of Georgia.  If you are ready to look “show ready” schedule a consultation today.