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Excuses Won’t Pay Your Bill of Health, David Nash, Personal Trainer, Atlanta

Recently, I did a bodybuilding show, and I originally planned to compete with a couple of my personal training colleagues that I used to work with.  I’d been talking about doing a bodybuilding competition for some time, and I wanted to see how lean and fit I could get by implementing my 3 years of research in the areas of Sports and Functional Nutrition.  Midway through training for the show, both of my colleagues decided they were not going to move forward with their training because of personal obligations.  So I was left with a choice to quit along with them or continue with my training.

I had several reasons to discontinue my body building training, due to personal obligations as well.  It’s not every day that you see someone solely creating a new website, hiring new staff, opening up a new location, and taking care of a family that includes a 6 month old baby while trying to compete in a body building competition.  This was not easy, but I managed to get in the best shape of my life during the most stressful time of my life.

I knew that my excuses would not help me achieve the fitness physique and health status that I desired.  I had to keep my eye on the prize of getting in tip-top shape.  There were days that I was exhausted, days that I was stressed from work, and there were plenty of days in which I had to give myself pep talks to workout.  I originally planned 4 days of resistance training and 2 days of cardio per week, but many times I was only able to get in 3 days of resistance training and 1 day of cardio per week.  Instead of giving in to the excuses, I chose to focus on changing my health status every time I picked up a weight and every time I placed food in my mouth.

My wife Faith enjoyed watching my transformation and thought it was fascinating to see a person change their physique into exactly what they want it to be.  In addition to already attending bootcamp, she started out with me for a few weeks doing crunches, push-ups, and planks every evening and following my nutrition guidelines and saw quick results in her strength gains and weight-loss.  Unfortunately, she got off track because of personal obligations before reaching her ultimate fitness goals.

Faith has started a new routine and is only 10 lbs. from reaching her pre-pregnancy weight.  There are some who may say, “She would have reached her goals if she had just stuck with her workout and nutrition routine.”   This statement may be true; however, she is not perfect, and she knows that it takes being consistent over a period of time.  I am very proud of her accomplishments thus far, and I know that if she sticks with her routine this time she will reach her goal weight and even greater fitness and health goals.

One underlying theme that I would like you to take away is that in order to get the results you want, you must put in the time. This theme is true for every area of life.  You must be consistent and unwavering.  You must think ahead and prepare for success, and you must gain knowledge for the path you want to achieve.  Understand that it’s okay to know that you cannot do it on your own.  But always remember, excuses will not pay your bill of health.

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