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If you want quick, visible, timely results join our personal training program. Our industry leading certified personal fitness trainers use a variety of scientific fitness modalities to ensure our clients achieve their specific weight loss and body aesthetic goals.

7 Week Transformation

T.C.'s Before & After Stats

“Before starting at Pinnacle Fitness Center I ate and drank what I wanted and exercised seldom.

Although I lived an active lifestyle the weight crept on as I aged. I learned about Pinnacle Fitness by doing an online search of personal trainers near me. The reviews were amazing and I noticed they had quick transformations. So, I signed up for personal training & the custom nutrition program and I can’t tell you how pleased I was with the results.

The nutrition plan was detailed, but easy to follow, and the workouts gave me the activity I needed. I met my goal for my beach trip in 7 weeks. I highly recommend Pinnacle. You will be pleased with your results.” ~  T.C.

6 Month Transformation

Gino's Before & After Stats

“I  have tried numerous fitness programs in the past. This year I decided to hire a personal trainer to help me drop weight for my wedding. I have been large all my life and I know exercising on my own had not worked.  

I’ve known about Pinnacle for a number of years, what I did not know is the detail they put into helping you achieve your goals. It’s not been easy, but anytime I hit a plateau they game me the support and answers I’ve needed to stay committed to my goals. 

I’ve lost 75 lbs since January 2022 with the help of David’s nutrition plan and fitness program at Pinnacle Fitness Center. 

If I can do it, you surely can!” ~  Gino 

Pinnacle Fitness Center personal trainers are more than just weight loss experts, we tailor sessions to meet your needs.

Affordable Solutions & Quick Results.
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Friendly, Passionate Personal Training

We pride ourselves in being Atlanta’s premier personal training source you can trust. 

For over 15 years we’ve helped many clients like you gain the fitness and nutrition services needed to transform their bodies. 

Our certified personal trainers have experience helping people with various backgrounds. 

Whether you’re a fitness vet or an eager newbie our staff is ready to serve you.  

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