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Ross P.

I decided to join the Decatur Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Challenge after trying to start losing weight by myself unsuccessfully for the past year. I kept putting it off week after week and month after month. After seeing the announcement in a local newsletter I decided to sign up with the hopes that the competition would motivate me. I figured even if I did not place in the competition I would have at least donated to the Decatur Education Foundation Fund (D.E.F.) and made some progress after procrastinating for so long.

Once I signed up, my wife and I realized this would take a lifestyle change and after lengthy conversations we decided to focus on eating better and include more activities that would get us off our butts. We started by buying fresh produce and lean cuts of protein (fish, chicken, turkey, pork, and beef) and cooking more meals at home (usually steaming, baking, or sautéing with olive oil). We made sure we had 3 healthy low calorie, low fat meals and 2 small healthy snacks every day, used phone apps to keep track of our calories, and kept our calorie intake to within 1200 – 1600 per day. We also decided to cut out all sodas and sugary drinks and limited ourselves to water and coffee (black).  At first it seemed like a daunting task to eat healthy but after a few weeks we found it fairly easy to get used to. Because we ate out less and the produce and lean meats were cheaper than the processed junk food we were buying, we found ourselves cutting our grocery bill in half and saving some money. Woohoo!! After attempting to dust off our treadmill and get it to work to no avail, I decided to make use of our gym at work. During lunch I would run for 3 miles minimum and at home my wife and I used our Wii to dance and play our favorite Wii fitness games. Chasing after our 2 ½ year old son has helped burn off a few calories as well.

Pinnacle’s spreadsheet on google drive helped me check in on my weight and progress. Knowing that I had to note my progress every week motivated me to run an extra 3 miles or put down the candy bar in hopes that I could proudly post my continued weight loss.

7 weeks later I have lost over 36 pounds, feel much healthier, happier, and energized. I’ve learned some delicious and healthy recipes that I will continue to make. But it’s only the beginning… I have a personal weight goal I would like to achieve (only 5 pounds away), and have decided to maintain my weight and healthy eating habits not as part of a continued challenge or competition but as a lifestyle for me and my family.

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