Top 10 Causes of Headaches, David Nash, Personal Trainer, Atlanta

Headaches can trigger pain in different areas of your skull and last for varied lengths of time.  Some of the more common types of headaches include sinus headaches, migraine headaches, cluster headaches and tension headaches.  Regardless of what type of headache a person is dealing with; a headache is an indicator that something is not balanced in the body’s system.  It is important to find the cause of the headache so that you can deal with the root problem.

I have listed below some of the top causes for headaches:

  1. Stress: It is the number one cause of headaches.  Stress headaches can be very painful and lingering.  Mental, emotional, physical and environmental stressors can lead to stress headaches.  Lifestyle modification, exercise and rest are the best remedies for stress headaches.
  2. Lack of sleep: When your body does not get enough sleep you throw off your hormonal balance and place stress on all of your systems, which can lead to a pounding headache.  Get 7-9 hours of sleep.
  3. Lack of water:  All of your cells in your body need water to survive and if you don’t provide your body with enough water it will let you know eventually.  The 1st sign that you’re not drinking enough water is your urine is usually dark and smelly and the 2nd sign is most often times a headache.
  4. Food intolerance: MSG, High fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, gluten, pork, shellfish, and processed foods are known causes for headaches caused by foods.  Stay away from these food choices.
  5.  Reaction to chemicals:  Headaches triggered by alcohol, prescription medicine, illegal drugs, and toxic fumes are an indication that toxins are trying to invade the body.  Reduce your exposure to these products to avoid serious danger to your organs and systems.
  6. Sinus headache:  When the sinus or spaces in our skull become inflamed they can cause pressure in the nasal cavity causing a headache. Sinus headaches can be triggered by stress, the flu or other illnesses, barometric pressure, and many other causes.
  7. Skipping meals:  I think everyone has had a hunger headache before. Those are definitely not fun. Not only is your blood sugar low at this time, but also your head hurts so bad you just want to go to sleep.  Plan what you are going to eat and what time you should eat your daily meals to avoid these headaches.
  8. Sun aversion:  Many people suffer from headaches from direct heat and light during the hot months.  This may be because their body is not use to the heat or they have stayed out too long in the heat. In any event, if you start to experience a heat headache take shelter and hydrate immediately.
  9. Hormonal changes:  Electrolyte imbalance is the most common reason for a hormone caused headache.  The best thing to do in this case is eat fruit, drink water, and rest.  It’s also common for some women to have headaches around their menstrual cycle because the change in hormone levels.
  10. Misalignment of the neck: There are nerves in your neck that connect to your brainstem. So when your neck is in an awkward position the nerves can get pinched and cause your body to respond with neck pain or a headache. Be cognizant of your posture when sitting, standing and sleeping.

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