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Erin Lost 16 lbs & 6.2% body fat

Erin K. Pinnacle Fitness Center Member

Pinnacle Fitness has truly transformed and elevated my fitness level.  I thought I was in good shape before I started.  I have exercised regularly for years.  But when I first started working out here, I had trouble keeping up with everyone and could barely run a mile.  8 months later, I am stronger, 15 pounds lighter, and can run 3 miles without stopping.  

David Nash is a true motivator and fitness instructor.  He makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly, he demonstrates proper form, and really encourages you not to quit. This is a well structured  weight loss program.

Katherine F. Pinnacle Fitness Center Member

I started my first serious, dedicated effort to reclaim my health and lose extra weight that I had been carrying for about 10 years. Prior to then, I had many ultimately unsuccessful attempts to lose weight and get back to being the athlete I had been growing up. After a year and a 73 lb weight loss, the scale was starting to slow down and I needed some extra motivation.

In the 1st 6 weeks at Pinnacle Fitness I lost 10 pounds and 2.1% body fat. Those may not sound like huge numbers, but I see it as just a piece of the full picture that I’ve been working on for the last 15 months, and I’m thrilled! This boost has given me the motivation to keep going and to get to my final goal.

Katherine 10 lbs & 2.1% Body Fat

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Eddie lost 45 lbs & 16.7% body fat

Eddie L Pinnacle Fitness Center Member

My fitness journey kicked off by attending classes at Pinnacle twice a week, and then I started adding additional exercise days here and there.  Before I knew it I was doing something every day. If I was not at Pinnacle I would ride my bike or hit the gym.  My main focus was to make fitness training a part of my life.

As for eating, I slowly started changing my eating habits, not a diet per say just making better choices.  I stopped eating processed foods, which to my surprise was the bulk of my meals.  I started planning out my meals and actually thinking ahead.

I’m down 45 lbs and I’m glad that I did this for my health. 

Karla Z. Pinnacle Fitness Center Member

The main thing that David helped me with is understanding the need to plan everything out. I planned all my meals for the week, and I scheduled all my workout times and activities.

I started eating more veggies and lean proteins. I also knew I needed to cut out mindless snacking. With two little ones, I had gotten into the habit of finishing their food and digging in the cracker box constantly. I had developed an affinity for pb&j crusts! Last, I really cut out desserts and treats. Finally, I planned to workout everyday- with no excuses. I have been going for years and I’m very happy with the results. 


Karla lost 26 lbs & 8.1% body fat

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Carrie K. Pinnacle Fitness Center Member

The variety of exercises, positive group atmosphere, and some encouragement from David really makes classes fun and rewarding, and I feel stronger and have way more energy than I did when I started.  I’m really looking forward to continuing to work toward my weight loss goals by sticking with these classes at Pinnacle.

Thank you so much David and Pinnacle Fitness Center for getting me back on track toward a healthy lifestyle!

Carrie lost 26 lbs and 11% body fat

Chris lost 54 lbs & 18% body fat

Chris G. Pinnacle Fitness Center Member

I was consuming 3500-4000+ calories a day but still lacked the energy to exercise.  And while it was temporarily enjoyable to eat and drink without restrictions, I really didn’t like the way I felt or the way I looked in pictures. 

The first few classes were extremely tough as I realized just how out of shape I had become, but David Nash is a great trainer and guided me through them.  What I didn’t expect was how friendly and supportive all of the other gym members were!

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better exercise situation to help facilitate my weight-loss.


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