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“Why We Do Corrective Exercises” By: Alex Antyuhin

Whatever the goal for our workout, whether to get bigger, stronger, or faster, to reach our goal we need to be healthy to continue to train. That is why corrective exercises play a huge role in any workout plan.

Correctives need to be incorporated within our daily routines whether in the gym or not.  They play an important role in turning our weaknesses into strengths, keeping us healthy and helping diminish the rigors of our daily activities.  

Corrective exercises are designed to hit the smaller muscles which often weaken first.  While we cannot truly isolate one muscle; we can, however, recruit a certain muscle more with specific movement patterns.  Take for instance the lower trap which helps with depression and downward rotation of the scapula (shoulder blade). This muscle is too often not considered when planning a program; however, if it is not strong enough, this imbalance can cause shoulder pathologies or neck pain and stiffness. You can effectively recruit this with a side lying shoulder external rotation or low trap shoulder raise.  

While these exercises may seem simple there is plenty of coaching and cuing that needs to take place in order to perform the movements correctly.  That is where highly-qualified strength coaches come in. We not only determine what correctives you need with a comprehensive evaluation, but also coach you through the exercises as we add them into your program and workout.  You will see almost instant feedback from your body, whether that nagging neck stiffness goes away or your low back pain is a thing of the past.  With the corrective exercises that are part of every training program here, you will feel better every time you come in. 

author: Rae Stampley


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